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Engrade Pro

The teachers at Bright Star Elementary are currently using an online gradebook for
grade keeping purposes this school year. An online gradebook will allow you to check up on your child's
grades anytime, anyplace, using the Internet with your home/work computer, smartphone or tablet. The Douglas County  School System has chosen to use Engrade. Your child has received a green slip with parental login information. Logging Into a Parent Account


Engrade Help

How do I login in to Engrade? 

Engrade is an easy way for your child's teacher to post grades, attendance, and upcoming assignments online. To see your student's grades, do the following:

1. Get Your Username / Password
Your student's teacher will need to give you your username / password.

2. Log In
Once you have your username and password, you can log in at Whenever parents want to check grades, they may log into Engrade and see up-to-the-minute grades and assignment scores.


Viewing Grade Details

1. Click on a class to view grade details.

2. The grade details page shows the student's overall grade as well as assignments broken down by category. Each assignment is listed with the due date, student score (points earned out of points possible) and any assignment comments the teacher has entered. Parents and students can click "Print" to print a detailed grade report.

3. Students and parents can view the teacher's grading policies and grading scale at the bottom of the page.


Sending a Message to my Teacher

1. Log into your student or parent account.

2. Click on the class of the teacher you wish to message.

3. Click on the Message tab.

4. Click on the name of the teacher.

5. That will take you to the messaging page where you can send a message to that teacher.