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Free Downloads of Microsoft Office 365 for Students
Posted On:
Tuesday, September 01, 2015
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The Douglas County School System is a Microsoft Office 365 district. All students and staff have access to a 365 account. These accounts offer several features for students. Online calendars can be created and shared, allowing for more efficient planning individually and with groups and classes. Office Web Apps allow users to quickly and easily create, edit and share documents and files. OneDrive storage is the ideal place for saving work. Because the storage is cloud-based, students can access files from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Additionally, each 365 account allows for free downloads of the Microsoft Office software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote) on up to 5 personally owned devices. For information on activating student 365 accounts and downloading the Office software, please click here.

Students needing assistance with activating and using their 365 accounts or resetting passwords should see the media specialist in their school.