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 Elementary Guidance

A preventive program

focusing on the needs of all children:

~ as they grow and develop

~while prevention of difficulties is possible

~when they need a friend to listen


we are the world

Elementary School Counselors help by:

Counseling, Consulting, Coordinating and Teaching



  • Promoting the development of communication skills and understanding of self and others
  • helping develop skills for thinking and solving problems
  • guiding students in setting positive goals, exercising self-responsibility and improving academic progress
  • providing support during personal and family crisis


  • with PARENTS: to discuss the social, emotional and educational needs and growth of their children
  • with TEACHERS: to enhance the child's individual development and academic success in a positive environment
  • with ADMINISTRATORS: to promote an optimal learning environment for all students


  • Transition between grade levels and schools
  • referrals to community agencies
  • classroom guidance
  • small groups and individual needs

Teaching...                              student

  • peer relationships
  • problem-solving skills
  • decision-making skills
  • conflict resolution
  • self awareness and self esteem
  • coping skills





How does the child meet with the COUNSELOR?

  • self referral
  • teacher referral
  • parent referral
  • administrative referral
  • special services referral
  • referral by a friend


If you have any questions

please contact Bright Star's Counselor,

Mrs. Naomi Gilbert